“Uplifting the personal wellbeing and capacity of leaders and teams so that organisational culture can thrive”

How do you rate the health of your organisation?

Are your leaders the best possible versions of themselves, connected and working with each other and the whole team in a positive, productive culture? Is the organisation a thriving, vibrant place filled with enthusiastic people who endeavour, without coaxing, to produce great results over and over?

Or is change needed? Does the health of your organisation need to improve?

Evolving Leaders was established with the purpose of building better leaders – leaders with the skills and confidence to enable the culture change required to create healthy, human organisations.

Our approach provides balance and focus for your team; insight into the invisible forces that drive performance, wellbeing and engagement; support and development for your leaders; and, ultimately, sustainable culture transformation aligned to your business strategy.

We  equip leaders to thrive in a complex, ambiguous and uncertain world. This enables them to drive the human change that makes cultural change possible, which in turn builds healthy, human organisations – organisations that embrace change, achieve sustainable results and in which the pursuit of profitability is balanced by a greater sense of purpose.


Nicola shifted us from ‘spinning tops’ out of control to a shared language, values and clear action – University of Melbourne

Peggy Kern – Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne

Great Results, High Integrity  – ANZ

Godfrey Boyd – Practice Director ANZ

Simple Changes that made a real difference – City West Water

Cameron Fitzgerald – General Manager Strategy and Planning

Innate ability to help individuals to deepen connection and develop greater resilience – iSelect

Elise Morris – GM People and Culture

Transformed the way we worked together – The Style Co.

Sarah Gonsalves – Co-Owner

Laid the solid ground work and clear plan for Cultural Transformation – City West Water

David Ryan – Managing Director City West Water